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This group/email list, hosted at Yahoo! Groups, was founded on October 22, 2003 and currently has more than one hundred members. It is an information exchange and support group for Bull Terrier owners (both standard and mini) with dogs suffering from behavioral disorder with a neurological basis, though other neurological problems not necessarily behavior-associated, such as epilepsy, are also discussed. These issues are by no means limited to Bull Terriers; owners of other breeds affected by any of these disorders are also welcome on this list and we currently have several non-Bull Terrier members. 

All are welcome, and the list is a friendly, 'flame-free' place for those of us living with affected dogs to share our experiences, discuss the various treatments available, and help make information available to others. Living with a dog with one of these disorders can be tough, and not every story has a happy ending; the group also provides a safe haven for those of us who have lost a dog to mourn our lost ones and help find some closure. 

Our members have compiled an extensive collection of links to articles and related information, as well as a growing library of files. The group's links have all been included on this web site as well, but some of the files are only available by accessing the group's members area.

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