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Put an End to the Spin!

Reprinted with permission from a post to the Bull-Terriers list 05/11/04.

Imagine no more prescriptions for Clomicalm dispensed for spinning.

Imagine no more puppies euthanised for spinning/tail-chasing behaviour.

Imagine no more dogs needed for the study to isolate the gene for such behaviour.

Imagine searching for a stud dog for your next litter and not having the need to worry whether or not the puppies will be spinners because the cause (gene) can be detected with a simple test.

Now imagine BT puppies, that constantly spin, being born 50 years from now because the doctors at Tufts couldn’t convince enough of us BT owners to draw a vial of blood from our dogs back in the year 2004!

Anyone that lives anywhere near this site should feel obligated to go and have the blood drawn for this study. Those of us that live miles away only WISH that we could be lucky enough to have a university conduct the study in our own back yards. I have a 10:00 a.m. appointment to have blood drawn from 1 (of 5) today. I need to have it shipped FedEx, over-night from the west coast. That’s an extra step that Dr. Moon-Fanelli is removing for those of you that live near the show-site/ university.

Even if you’re NOT going to the show, your dog may potentially hold the key to isolate the spinning gene and help find a cure for this problem. Can you imagine if none of us EVER had to worry about producing or owning another Bull Terrier (or GSD) that is born a spinner/ tail-chaser? All because you took that extra step and took your dog in and had a vial of blood drawn that aided these doctors in finding a cure?

You can be compensated for this study if you have your own vet draw the blood but you need to let Dr. Moon-Fanelli (the university) know your social security number. This study requires dogs that ARE AND those that ARE NOT spinners!

Please do not sit complacent on this one folks…if you can’t make it, please arrange for someone that you know to take your dog along…(but, please get the paperwork and have it filled-in prior to the day).

“Put an end to the spin”.

These doctors are attempting to “specifically” help OUR BREED…Bull Terriers. What’s the best excuse that you can come up with to be a non-participant?

On behalf of the BTCA health committee, please look into aiding in the search for a cure.

Bryen Von Priece
Fortress Bull Terriers