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Tufts Study Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee for participation in the study?

No, there is no fee, in fact, once the study participation goals have been met, participants will be reimbursed for blood draw and shipping costs if copies of receipts are included with submission of sample.

Can my dog participate if she is currently on medication to treat her spinning disorder?

Yes. Medications have no effect on the testing process.

Is the study restricted to dogs in the United States, or may others participate?

The studies are open to all dogs that meet the requirements. However, because the samples must arrive via overnight mail, it may not be practical to send samples from countries further away than Canada.

When submitting family groups, are entire litters needed, and do full siblings to the affected dog from different litters count towards a single family unit?

As many littermates as possible are needed, and full siblings can also contribute as part of the family group, though they will be noted as being from a different litter.

Can a Bull Terrier mix who has a tail chasing problem participate?

Sorry, the dog must be a purebred Bull Terrier to be used in the study.

Once the studies are complete, will owners of dogs that show to be carriers be notified?

No. If a diagnostic test is developed later on, people will need to have their dogs tested.

I am not sure if my dog is a spinner, he chases his tail but only occasionally. Should I still enroll him in the study?

Please do — data on both tail chasing and non-tail chasing Bull Terriers are needed for the study, so either way his participation will be helpful. Don’t worry if you are not sure which group your dog fits into, the detailed behavioral information filled out on the survey will help Dr. Moon-Fanelli determine which group he should be placed in.

Don’t see your question answered here? Please send it to us, or contact Dr. Moon-Fanelli.