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This page is for our lost friends, gone but not forgotten. For each of them, their disorder prematurely ended what should have been a long and happy life.

I’m glad I didn’t know
The way it all would end,
The way it all would go.
Our lives
Are better left to chance.
I would have missed the pain
But I’d have had to miss
The Dance…

(“From ‘The Dance’ by Tony Arata, sung by Garth Brooks”)

Ruff and Ready Arthur



September 24, 1986 – April 1987

For my little “Arf-fur” who loved sticks and playing in the snow and bicycle tires. Who was my best friend at a time when I needed one most, with me for such a short time, and who left behind a hole that still can’t be filled even so many years later. I’ll always miss you, and always wonder how many wonderful years we could have had, how many more memories I would have to cherish, had you not been born so ‘broken.’

– Chris

Baker Street-Bedrock Bit O’Beryl, CGC, TDI



April 10, 1995 – May 31, 2001

Maddy, Madeleine, Doodle Bump, Baby Girl, Pupums, Hogwarts Graduate, Little Bit. So many names, so many faces / guises; we miss them all. I hope there are lots of little kids to play with at the Bridge; you’ll be happy then. And water hoses to chase, and plants to “chomp.” Maybe there’s even a flight of carpeted stairs to slide down, head first (marking the paint on the wall on the way … but we never cared about that). And ice cream and strawberries for dessert, every single night!

Sleep well.

– Shari

Maddy’s page




To Ziggy (Zigfried) who gave me all his unconditional love and trust to help him through his fears. You put up a valiant fight to overcome these obstacles only to lose in the end to the rage that overcame you. To the talented dog of many tricks and sports, may your days be happy and without fear. I hope that you have found Miss Pig and your cat Blue. Most of all, I hope you are now in a place where those around you will truly know what a noble friend and a great dog you really are.

– Terry



May 19, 2003 – Jan 19 , 2004

Two Worlds Katcher of Dreams


April 8, 1995 – September 6, 1997

Khi’s page



December 6, 2003 – October 10, 2004

Jackson was the grandson of our beloved Bull Terrier Beau Beau who died at five and a half years old in November of 2003. Beau was such a great dog; after losing him, we were so happy to get Jackson, who we nicknamed Jack-Jack. Jackson was everything Beau wasn’t – hyperactive, totally destructive of everything, would mouth you constantly, but as he grew so did our love of him. He started spinning at three months old. He would do it once or twice a day, but we could always stop him and we were totally committed to him. We took him for a consultation with Dr. Alice Moon-Fanelli at Tufts in September and received positive feedback. He was doing well, maturing, walking well on his training leash, calming down in general. But then the unforeseen happened – sudden rage syndrome. We had to make the painful decision to put him down at barely ten months old.

As a puppy, Jackson destroyed our home… and when we lost him, he destroyed our our hearts.

Too young — too soon.

– Mike & Maureen

Bulwark’s Melodrama



September 8, 1985 – June 15, 1986

Mello’s story

Dreamneast Crimson Voodoo


March 11, 2003 – December 13, 2004

Josie Jo

Josie Jo - an American Beauty
February 13, 2002 – January 19, 2006
Josie’s Story