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This was the original web site guestbook; I finally figured out how to get the data extracted out of the guestbook database and merged into a more eye-friendly format. I have left out the email field to cut down on spam, and reformatted any email addresses in the comments themselves to make them harder to harvest by spammers.

Name: Louise
Location: South Australia
Date Added: 4/3/2004

Comments: Great site. Dr Moon-Fanelli is evidently the leading expert in this field.

I live with a spinner, though my research has led me to discover that it is a fairly mild case and quite manageable. Research was, however, difficult, until I found Moon-Fanelli’s work.
Chloe is now 10 years old, and has a pretty good life!

South Australia

Name: Glenda Barron
Date Added: 7/11/2004

Comments: Chris, Your dedication and love of the Bull Terrier Breed rings through in every thing you do. Thanks!!!!! Glenda barron

Name: Karen
Location: Tasmania, Australia
Date Added: 7/12/2004

Comments: Hi All, I think this is the most interesting site I have come across I have a bull terrier that I show and I can never get enough information on this lovely and caring breed, very well put together site keep up the great work Karen Malalaw Kennels Tasmania,Australia ksho2677*AT*

Name: Susan Glasgow
Date Added: 7/18/2004

Comments: Hi. Wanda Moriarty sent me this web address. I’m fortunate to not have this problem at this time, but it is obviously a terrible disorder. My last Mini Bull, Zeke, had plenty of unusual behaviors such as trancing and what I called “displacement aggression.” I didn’t know about any studies when he was alive or when he died in 2000. I had sent his blood & tissue in for LL studies. My current Mini bull is subluxed in both eyes & I have sent in blood for LL studies, but haven’t sent the blood yet for neurological studies. Thankfully he doesn’t have this problem, but I will send in his blood if it is needed as a “control” for this study. Susan Glasgow

Name: (not given)
Date Added: 8/4/2004

Comments: I was surprised and pleased to learn that “trancing” is a common trait and that habit is not unique to my BT. This site is a good source of information.

Name: Helen
Date Added: 8/10/2004

Comments: Thank God there are people like you out there to inform Bullie families of the heartbreak and hope that is possible through research. I lost my 13yo female who was a “Trancer”. She’d stick her head in the arbor vitae bushes and zone out. Sometimes we’d have to physically remove her from her spot. I’m looking for another Bullie from an ethical breeder.Your site give me one more concern to think about. Helen “ontour20*AT*”

Name: gigisala2003*AT*
Date Added: 8/22/2004

Comments: We are so glad to see that we are not the only people in the world dealing with this issue. Thank god for people who decided to reach out and help others. gigisala2003*AT* We own a shaffordshire terrier mix with a pretty bad tail chasing issue. We have started with a local vet, and he has given up on us. Sammy is a wounder addition to our family except for the tail chasing. We have two young children, 2 & 5 which Sshe is great with. Sammy is destructive to our very large yard due to her spinning and digging. We are going to see a behaviorist with coming week and are hoping on a miracle.

Name: (not given)
Date Added: 8/24/2004

Comments: wonderful site. I think breeders should inform anyone interested in buying a bully to visit. Our wonderful gentle bully would do trancing once in a while. After his death we found his brother that had been abandoned at the age of 10.having seen him as a pup,and a brother we took him in,he spun non stop only he would get next to a wall and would hit his head.Around,around,he would wear himself out start again,would scream at any movement,we tried everthing,walking,but after a month of non stop hitting his head against walls,he made us cry for his pain,then he attacked one day and after vet checks we just could not stand to see him like that as a young pup he was so fun loving.We had to have him put to sleep.Please keep up the incredible work.

Name: Claudio
Location: Rome, Italy
Date Added: 8/28/2004

Comments: Hi i’m Claudio from rome, italy and my bull Norma, four years and six months, is not only epyleptic but sometimes slowmoves in front, just in front of some kind of plant, usually rampicant, like ivy. She took a cycle of mysoline, a medicine not so heavy, the fits ended almost at all but that strange behaviour still continues, as I said, sometimes. Your site is not only well done but unique for the informations you give. Thank you, Claudio and Norma. Oh, i forgot, she’s also deaf from birth, like Patsy Ann.

Name: Karen
Date Added: 9/17/2004

Comments: What a great site.. My beautiful bully is now 7, but started spinning at the age of 5 months.. With alot of help from a behaviour specialist we managed to 90% cure him through hard work and dedication. It was an extremely trying and upsetting time, but every day Im thankful for the knowledge of people who study this disorder because thanks to them we have and still are, enjoying a wonderful life together. Karen & Zac.

Name: Marisa
Date Added: 9/21/2004

Comments: Great website! Made me realize my 16 month old B.T. has a disorder. We always thought she was trying to itch her behind. Now we are just hoping it doesn’t get any worse. She is also a trancer and will hang in the tomato plants (also eating the tomatoes) until we call her our, or until something lures her out. She also just started licking/biting her paws, which I thought was an allergy. Looks like we have some work to do. Any advise would be helpful! marisa_mueller*AT* Thanks!

Name: (not given)
Date Added: 10/10/2004

Comments: I thought that my loved bulli Ludovica was a “strange case”, but I find here an article that explained our “problem”(springer rage syndrome) and I would like to thank you. a kiss from italy! chiara if you want to write to me: ccc

Name: Debbie
Location: London UK
Date Added: 10/10/2004

Comments: Great site with some brilliant information. Well done to all involved and keep up the good work. I am sure you are helping so many people come through there problems with their bullies. Its fantastic that there are people out there who care enough to help others. Debbie – London UK –

Name: Maureen & Mike
Date Added: 10/18/2004

Comments: I was on the list,and found out about Dr.Alice Moon Fanelli at Tufts. We had a nine month old male bully who was a spinner,we made an appointment,and Sept l5,04 went to see Dr.Fanelli,and we received a good report, that he was a mild spinner,no need for medication,he just was overactive,but a happy puppy. Not even one month later the spinning that was almost none existant and could and was stopped by us while happening,turned into a non stop spinning nothing could stop him and he became very very very agressive my husband could barely hold him down and had to admit that he frightened of what he could do, he was uncontrolable,yet a few minetes later he was normal,the the spinning would start again.Sadly because we loved him so much we made the decision to end his torment October l0th.2004. Maureen & Mike

Name: Tone L
Date Added: 10/31/2004

Comments: I was looking for some help on how to treat my BT’s obsessive cumpolsive disorder she has. And I found lots of info. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for a great website. I cant wait to go home and try some of the ideas your website has given me Tone L

Name: (not given)
Date Added: 11/5/2004

Comments: We have a old female Bully who has “tranced” since she was a puppy. We just thought it was another odd behaviour (like her Bull Terrier spin and not running “psycho dog” through the house) but now realize other Bullies do it too! She loves the indoor potted plants that hang down as well as the Norfolk pine. Thanks for the info. Pepsi’s Mom

Name: Jurgo
Location: Belgium
Date Added: 11/8/2004

Comments: I’m Jurgo from Belgium.This site is very interesting.It helped me a lot with rasing my bull terrier Gringo.Keep up the good work.

Name: Brenda Costley
Location: Wyoming
Date Added: 11/9/2004

Comments: I am the proud companion of a 1.5 yr old white bully, Sir Domino Wilber Schonnzie, Domi for short.Thank you for the information provided in these web sites, as I live in small a small, pop.229, Woming town. We have 2 bars, 3 churches, no bookstores, but 1 bully. Thank you and keep up the good work!! Brenda Costley

Name: Jennie
Date Added: 11/29/2004

Comments: I have only just come across this site,how wonderful to see these problems recognised.Our 2nd girl tranced like mad,and licked her paws LOTS,but was otherwise no problem!Unfortunatly she died dec 13th 2003 at 3 yrs old from luecaemia.I apologise in advance if you have read my story before.The 1st Bully we had,nearly 5 yrs ago,was a rescue of uncertain age,+NOT from a BT rescue.I fell in love with her,took her home having been told she was loving,good with kids,but seemed to have seperation anxiety.After a few days we also decided,with our vet that she was stone deaf.The seperation anxiety was terrible,if left for any length of time we would come home to faeces all over the floor,up the walls etc+a distressed dog.We started to crate train her+tried leaving her in there when out,all very short periods of time,again a wrecked poo covered dog would greet us.I now think she may have been spinning in her crate.Gradually over several months,we taught her some sign language,woke her carefully from sleep,built up her confidence+were all very pleased with ourselves.Doris seemed happy,incredibly loving,a beautiful character,who chased her tail more than we thought was normal,but would stop if redirected,then she started to display weird behaviour,not just from waking as described in your articles,but with no seeming trigger.While playing,cuddling,or sitting,on increasing occasions it was like a veil came down over Doris and she attacked,it didn’t last long and then she would look up all dozy and dazed,waggy tail and confused,as me and the kids would be crying+frightened.With a huge amount of guilt+sorrow,+advise from my vet I had Doris euthanased.I remember them muzzling her,because she was a “dangerous dog”and me saying please don’t she’s not viscious,she can’t help it,I couldnt explain why,I just knew it wasn’t her fault.I later found out that she had been rehomed multiple times from the rescue place,and when I tracked several of the previous people down they had had similar experiences,and took her back to the center thinking they would be able to do the right thing. Jennie,(and Dolly and Doris from Rainbow Bridge)

Name: (not given)
Date Added: 12/9/2004

Comments: Hello, Thanks for a very needed site. I lost my 12 yr old bullie last spring to a bladder tumor. He did exhibit sudden rage on ocassion, but was a very passive, non agressive dog. I was concerened with what could be called “fear biting”, but he wasn’t afraid of anything! He would snap at the feet of people he knew for no reason, and with no consistency. I spoke with the vet, but he was not very informed on nuerological problems with bullies. I had read as much as I could find on bullies and their health issues, but I had not seen anything relating to this sudden agression before hitting this site. So…thank you very much. I’m considering getting a rescue dog or a puppy…Bullies are the greatest!

Name: Emma Rhodes
Location: England
Date Added: 12/12/2004

Comments: What a wondeful website, I wish we had something like this to refer to 8 years ago when our Bull Terrier was going through a severe tail spinning episode at around 6 months of age. Your dedication to the breed is to be much admired. However, I don’t see any reference to Bull Terriers who have been spinners and got over it? I would think that had I read this site back then we might have followed our vets advice and had our beloved Bully put to sleep. I didn’t take my vets advice and we still have our big chunk of love here now, almost 9 years old! I remember being stood in the vet consulting room in floods of tears looking down at Winston who was still non-stop spinning after 48hrs, he had cuts and abrasions on his face and was wearily stumbling around and around and around, almost falling over with exhaustion. I could barely take any more of seeing him like this. I refused to let him be euthanised though and took him home armed with sedatives. We did get him over it, not entirely at first but enough for him to have a good quality of life and then months went by and he had almost stopped spinning altogether. Winston will be 9 yrs old in March and the only time he chases his tail now is to the cheers of my partner when his football team score a goal!! (Not very often)!!! I hope I might have given some hope to other people out there dealing with this problem and hope that there might be some more success stories out there like ours. Emma Rhodes, England.

Name: Lisa
Date Added: 12/14/2004

Comments: Hi. This is Lisa (budbullysmom) and i wanted to inform you all that my computer is down so i do not have access to my e-mail right now. I had to ask my daughter to post this for me so you guys would know I will not be able to respond to your e-mails right now. Sorry!

Name: Leanne
Date Added: 12/18/2004

Comments: Hi, My bully suffers from many types of these problems. This website has been very informative. Thanks Leanne

Name: RORY
Date Added: 12/24/2004


Name: (not given)
Date Added: 1/5/2005

Comments: I have an adult female spayed 5 pound Chihuahua who costantly spins-80% of her daily life-besides when she is sleeping. Even when she gets into bed, she has to spin a lot first and lie down. Even when she eats and after, she spins and same when she goes potty. She is not chasing her tail nor is she trying to reach for her back, she just spins and spins-cannot walk 2 steps without spinning-yes it is that serious. Is it the same as with the BT and German Shepards? Please help! bblbinc*AT*

Name: Harri-Bull
Location: UK
Date Added: 2/7/2005

Comments: i thought it was just my bully, thank you for a great site and full of info, harri-bull uk

Name: (not given)
Date Added: 2/10/2005

Comments: Thanks for a wonderful, INFORMATIVE site. Excellent information on behavioral issues and lovely photos. As the former mother of a “rage” dog (Irish wolfhound) I can’t stress enough how important it is to get to the bottom of the problem. Facing breed problems will help them decrease over time. I’m proud to be owned by a slightly obsessive bully!

Name: Cathy
Location: Kansas City, MO
Date Added: 2/11/2005

Comments: This site is a blessing! I visited here before, when I suspected that my dog’s tail chasing might be a problem. I wasn’t able to accept that he really had a problem. I read the information and stories, but assured myself that my boy was somehow different, that he would just grow out of it. Yesterday, I looked out the kitchen window and saw him tail chase in the backyard. It was a beautiful day and my other bullie was investigating every corner that was being uncovered by the melting snow. And there was my boy, oblivious to everything but his tail. I knew then, and the tears started. Today, I am back re-reading the articles. I am going to do everything I can to help my boy. Thanks for being here, Cathy Kansas City, MO

Name: (not given)
Date Added: 2/15/2005

Comments: Very informative site… I also have a “spinning” BT… he usually only does it when I take him to work and he get a bit anxious… I work for AECCC in Northbrook Il and our Neurologist Dr Michael Podell has offered his services (CT/MRI), but I just keep him at home and he’s fine

Name: Peter Siesz
Location: Australia
Date Added: 2/22/2005

Comments: Hi Very Interesting,Well Done. Amazing The Trouble You Had,To Get The “RIGHT” Information About Spinners! Our Old Stud Dog Now 8,Has Never Spun,But Tranced For The First Time The Other Day Under A Bush.He Loved It ! It Only Becomes A Problem When It Turns Into A Habit, Particuarly Tailchasing! The Results Of This Study Should Be Sent To All BT Clubs Around The World ! Keep Up The Good Work! Peter Siesz Http:// Australia All Our Breeding Stock Is Certified Clear For The Nominated 5 HD’s , Have Done So Since 1997 !!!! I Believe The BTCQ Is The Only Club That Has Manditory Testing For Its Members ! We Try !

Name: Reg
Date Added: 2/23/2005

Comments: Love your menu/navigation bar. I see that you used AllWebMenus, how did you change you menu bar dimensions? Regards Reg

Name: Amy
Date Added: 3/18/2005

Comments: I research neurological diseases in humans and I love bull terriers. If I can help in any way please email me at hopeandamy*AT* I lost my bull terrier at age 14 last year and if anyone would like to help me adopt another bull terrier please email me. I have a neurological disease and live alone. My dog was my life. She too had a disorder. We made each other very happy and I miss her so. Bull terriers can help heal us so let’s help them! Sincerely, Amy

Name: Amy
Date Added: 3/18/2005

Comments: Every Christmas Hope my bull terrier would walk slowly around the Christmas tree for hours then it would be drapes a table cloth then my night gown. Can you imagine I have hundreds of cedar trees as well as pine trees then hay for cattle. She walked it all in that slow walk. I miss her so much. Amy-Oklahoma

Name: (not given)
Date Added: 3/22/2005

Comments: what a great site with great information i was given this as a link from the bullie page due to problems with my dog, the memorial page made me cry such sad storeys and sadness x

Name: (not given)
Date Added: 3/31/2005

Comments: Hi. Loved the site!

Name: (not given)
Date Added: 5/5/2005

Comments: This is one of the most informative and well thought out web sites I’ve ever come across. Resources like this are few and far apart. Very well done!

Name: Leona Wiilson
Date Added: 5/12/2005

Comments: I found your website VERY interesting. I have a year old male bull terrier called Morgan. He has been hard work but is just begining to calm down. He is generally very obedient but if he gets hold of a stick/branch then I have no chance of communicating with him at all. He holds the stick at one end and then goes round and round in circles; just another form of tail chasing I guess. At least I can take the stick away to stop it. He also trances and loves nothing better than have one of the family run their hands over his back, just barely touching his fur. Hope this is of interest. Best regards, Leona Wiilson. Leona at A A Wilson dot fsnet dot co dot uk.

Name: (not given)
Date Added: 5/14/2005

Comments: I’m glad I came across this site. I have a bull terrier named spike I have had him for 4mths now i got him when he was 11mths old, he is very loyal to me and my to boys but does not like my daughter and hates males especially ones with caps or hats on. I am his third owner He is an excellent guard dog.

Name: (not given)
Date Added: 5/18/2005

Comments: Hi just came across this sight. May be I am totally naive but all my bull terriers and miniatures trance, not obsesivly though just the ocasional oh theres a shirt hanging on the back of a chair, or look those curtains move. I was not aware that this was exclusive as I have really only owned Bullys. neither have any disorder that I am aware of they are all happy healthy adjusted animals. some are show animals and some obedience. I have never had a spinner but do know of spinners. Be warned never ever encourage a puppy to chase their tail.

Name: (not given)
Location: Springfield, MO
Date Added: 5/30/2005

Comments: good site, a friend of mine just got a bull terrier and is trying to find other owners in this area. Springfield, MO….

Name: Brenda
Date Added: 6/3/2005

Comments: I too had a “rage syndrome” bullie. It was frightening and heart wrenching. Joey was my 1st bullie. I made excuses for him for 2 1/2 years when I witnessed an unprovoked attack on my son and realized what had to be done.I miss him to this day despite his faults. Roxy, bullie #2 is the sweetest most loveable creature in the world. She has helped wonderfully to heal a broken heart!My heart goes out to anybody that has a dog with this disorder.Brenda

Name: (not given)
Date Added: 7/10/2005

Comments: Your wonderful web site has at last put to rest some horrors that I thought I had caused my bullies. My first bullie had sudden aggressin upon waking and then was terribly sorry about it. She was also a tail chaser. Second bullie had compulsive repetative disorder but normal otherwise. Third but not last Penny does the “Slo Mo” under bushes. She is such a dag and normal. Bully lover for 20 years.

Name: Derick
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Date Added: 7/29/2005

Comments: Thank you for a great website, I have learned a great deal and sadly am able to understand what many people have been through. Deezil was with us for only six months and developed a severe case of tailchasing / spinning at the age of about four and a half months. I thought we were alone and that we hadn’t exhausted all the avenues possible, I now know that we did. We will never forget him. Once again thank you for such an informative site. Cheers Derick, Cape Town, South Africa.

Name: Josh & Jess Parker
Location: Perth, Western Australia
Date Added: 8/16/2005

Comments: Thankyou to all the people for sending all your stories of your loved bullys. Your site helped us get through the hardest time of our lives. We came home to find our “Buddy” spinning one night, just dazed and unaware of our presense. Not knowing what to do we went to the computer typed in spinning, only to come across your wonderful site. The infor mation gained from your site was extremly helpful, comforting and sad. Everyone who has had the privlidge to own a Bull Terrior knows the joy of seeing that dog grow into the most loyal, loving, and protective animal, that ends up being more of a friend than a pet. Sadly for our “Buddy” he did not make it through this terrible time, and had to leave us alone, as we were before he came in to our lives, only with a large void that will take a life time to fill. Buddy’s life was short, but his memory will live on, and not be forgotten. Buddy 26 August 2004-14 August 2005. Josh & Jess Parker Perth Western Australia.

Name: (not given)
Date Added: 8/17/2005

Comments: This website and sister site Neuro BT has been invaluable to me; as a new bully owner with a 10 month old that has had OCD, Allergies, Foreign Object Injestion resulting in major abdominal surgery I find this information so supportive and helpful. The bull terrier is a dog to respect for their love and kindness but to honor for their intelligence and savant complex and intrinsic emotional and neurological chemistry. I had no idea what this dog would bring into my life but I embrace it as all of you do when I read these posts. We are obviously a “special breed” too….

Name: (not given)
Date Added: 9/7/2005

Comments: Your page with the results of the study on trancing among BTs is fascinating. The ClickTrain list has been discussing trancing recently, and someone posted a link to the trancing page on this site. I thought you might like to know that trancing is also fairly common among greyhounds. To my knowledge, no formal studies have been done on this behavior in the greyhound breed. But in my personal experiences with greyhounds who trance, it seems to be done for pleasure. I believe they enjoy the sensation of being tickled by the leaves, hanging clothes, tablecloth, or whatever they’re walking under. And all the trancing greyhounds I have known were AKC registered and related to one another, some of them spent a lot of time together. So in that group it may be genetic or perhaps a learned behavior. I have also heard of retired racing greyhounds who trance, but I don’t know if any of those dogs were related to one another, or if they had any physical or neurological problems. I think it would be very interesting to do a study on trancing greyhounds similar to the one on BTs and compare the results!

Name: (not given)
Date Added: 10/13/2005

Comments: Sir, your love and dedication to the breed shows through. Keep up your good works and god bless.

Name: Robin Campo
Date Added: 11/1/2005

Comments: i have a rescued bully named terri, she is a tri-colored sweetheart unfortunatley she suffers from rage syndrome always when she is asleep,she will be 4 on feb,05 she had three episodes this week already, i noticed her episodes seem to come in groups then nothing for a while it breaks my heart when she gets these she has no clue what happened when she finally snaps out of it, i do not give her medication,just plenty of love and patience,one of her episodes this week she went for me in her trance/siezure,she was sound asleep at two a.m.,maybe i shifted in the bed or something i dont know , but when she jumps up like that it is amazing i think i will put her on her dog bed on the floor the next couple of nights, we have our room divided from our other dog that sleeps in our room,because she usually attacks him in one of her trances, does anybody else notice the attacks seem come in clusters? this website is very comforting and heartbreaking to read about some of the other dogs, my heart goes out to the families, bullies are such a unique breed, i would definitley rescue another if given the opportunity, well thank you for having somewhere to write to about my “not so unique” situation, regards robin campo

Name: Rich
Date Added: 11/9/2005

Comments: I don’t currently own a Bull Terrier but I do have an APBT and have read a fair amount about this disorder found in BT’s. For any of you who have not heard of it or read it, Dr. Nicholas Dodman wrote a book called “The Dog Who Loved Too Much” that deals with various K-9 disorders. He shares some interesting insight and could possibly be a good resource for answering some questions. I think this site is great however and I’ll continue to read sites such as this before hopefully aquiring a BT someday. -Rich

Name: Kelly Newman
Location: Australia
Date Added: 11/16/2005

Comments: You have an excellent website and I can see you have done alot of work to create it. I have placed a Link to your website under Bull Terrier Health, Links by “Oz Show Dogs”. Kind regards Kelly Newman “Oz Show Dogs”.

Name: (not given)
Date Added: 12/8/2005

Comments: I recently fostered a 2 yr old mini with what I now believe to be SOA. After reading your site and the memorials I saw that my gal was exhibiting the exact same behaviors that were mentioned – aggression upon waking, trancelike state, being soo sorry afterwards. At first ( since she was my first bully foster – I have always wanted to have one as a family member)I thought that I was not being assertive enough when she would growl and bark – that her old home had let her be too dominant with them and after she left to her new home and acted the same with a very experienced home I went searching for an answer and came upon your site. No-one ever mentioned that SOA could be a possibility. Thank you for shedding light on an apparently little known subject. It is just so sad that it takes a tragedy for others to learn.

Name: (not given)
Date Added: 12/8/2005

Comments: We just recently lost our BT Rico to this neurological disorder. It is absolutely heart breaking. We would like to get another BT in the future and I have found this site helpful in learning about the neurological disorders in the BT. I have heard wonderful things about Dr. Moon-Fanelli’s program from several people and veterinarians and it gives me hope for the future of the Bull Terriers.

Name: (not given)
Date Added: 2/25/2006

Comments: We think my staff has this rage syndrome he has bitten many times even killed my cat several years ago. He is 7 and thought out the last 3 years he has got worse only the other day he bit my foot causing me to have to go to hospital and have stitches.He was asleep one minute next he had bitten me. As we have several people in the house most which he has bitten my dad has decided that we must have him put to sleep it is very heart breaking as we know it is not his fault im looking for a solution something that can save his life but i cant we cant risk him bitting someone else more serious than he has done many times he has caught people around the face and thoat area.

Name: (not given)
Date Added: 4/9/2006

Comments: I am interested in rescuing/adopting a miniature bull terrier. I hope that the foster parent gives me true information about the health of the dog. How do I check to see if the dog is in good health before taking him/her home with me?

Name: Rick
Date Added: 4/10/2006

Comments: thanks for this useful site, beautifully designed, congratulations! Rick

Name: Robin
Date Added: 4/15/2006

Comments: hello again, i have not written since 11/01/05 when i wrote about my bully terry, she is still the same no worse/ no better her episodes come in spurts maybe every single day for a week or so then nothing, they do seem to be happening during the day now too, but on a lighter note i have rescued another bully a white pretty girl with one black ear apparently from Hungary, everyone is doing fine now things are a little more even 3 cats 3 dogs, take care i will write again soon regards robin

Name: Tony White
Date Added: 5/24/2006

Comments: Hi, I’ve owned 3 bullies and didn’t realise till I read this site that they were all trancers. Not obsessively just when they were under bushes in the garden. I lost my last dog “Boysie” a year ago and still can’t think of him without being moved to tears. Great site, the memorial page broke my heart. Regards, Tony White antonywhite06 at aol dot com

Name: Bonnie Hardiman
Location: Richmond, VA
Date Added: 8/10/2006

Comments: These stories break my heart. I have a female Bull Terrier who was so obsessed she had mutilated her tail to the point that it was hairless and bloody all the time. There was a trail of blood along the fence where she would back up to trap her tail against the fence so she could bite it. She barked incessantly (and insanely). I looked everywhere for help for her – from vets to trainers. She was put on anti-anxiety medication to the point that she had lost all of her personality and was pretty much a zombie. The good news is that she is okay now. It took about a year to get her straightened out. I got help from Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer. He phoned me and we talked about the situation. He gave me pointers and I followed his instructions to the letter. It took a 24/7 commitment from me but it has been worth it. My dog, Heart, is now drug free and she’s a happy dog. She still has the tendency to spin, but it is easily controlled now. We have even added another Bullie to the family – a rescue named Turbo. Spinning can be helped!! Please tell your readers not to give up. It takes a lot of commitment but it is not hard once your learn how to handle these dogs. Believe me, it’s worth the effort. Bonnie Hardiman Richmond, VA

Name: Carina Fransson
Location: Sweden
Date Added: 9/5/2006

Comments: Hi. A link to this site is out on the swedish “bullterrierforum” a good place to discussour beloved dogs. My 2 BTs have no other problems than light “trancing”. Thnak you for a great site! Carina Fransson, sweden

Name: Jay & Holly
Location: Birmingham England UK
Date Added: 9/5/2006

Comments: Hi, Our 2 year old bitch, Holly, has started spinning everytime she has a season and it is getting worse. This is the only site I have found that has given me great info on what her problem may be. Thank you so much. Jay & Holly Birmingham England UK

Name: (not given)
Date Added: 9/12/2006

Comments: Ralph was my 1st bullie he was deaf, which we copped with very well. He learned sign language and we attached a little bell onto his collar, so we always new where he was. Then when he was about 4 month old he had his first rage attack. We didn’t know what it was at first and he only started grouling at anything or nothing in the room, but didn’t attack anyone. You could see that he wasn’t there, the white of his eyes turned red and he would just stand and groul.It was fightening and heart wrenching.But because he didn’t attack anyone and we just ignored him we could live with it. Then one evening he was lying with my daughter (twelve at the time) on the sofa, he just turned and bit her on the nose (He was about 7 month old at that time. We made excuses for him (because it was only a little scratch. Until an unprovoked attack on my myself about 2 month after that we realized what had to be done.I miss him to this day despite his faults. Now we got Ronni, he is the sweetest most loveable creature in the world he gets on with any animal as we live on a Farm … He has helped wonderfully to heal a broken heart! Thats why we just got Rosie to keep Ronni company. My heart goes out to anybody that has a dog with this disorder, as it is the hardest way to loose a friend.

Name: (not given)
Date Added: 9/21/2006

Comments: Still, looking for blood samples?

Name: Pam Barski
Date Added: 10/19/2006

Comments: This is a wonderful website!!! I am so thrilled that I have the opportunity to learn how to help my bully Josie. She has is a spinner and has complex partial seizure activity. Josie has been seizure free for one year, and she rarely spins. The medications help and so does behavior modification. I am so appreciative of the work that is being done at Tufts regarding the spinning study. It is and will help so many bullies that truely don’t deserve the torment that some suffer. Thanks again for your dedication!!! Pam Barski

Name: (not given)
Date Added: 10/19/2006

Comments: My English Springer Spaniel trances all the time. She will do it under plants, the christmas tree, curtains, anything she can find to tickle her back. I too always figured she just liked the way it felt on her back, but sometimes I think there is something more going on… My other springer (her brother) has never done this before. I might also mention that my dog who does trance, shows more signs of psycological disorders. She has seizures everytime she goes to the vet, shakes and breathes very hard at even the lightest thunder, and has more agressive behavior issues towards other dogs who come near the people she likes or her food.

Name: Sandy Guffey
Location: North Carolina
Date Added: 10/21/2006

Comments: Thank You for the information and reading suggestions you have provided in your website. Sandi Guffey Animal Services Officer

Name: Lynn Montambo
Location: Battle Creek, MI
Date Added: 10/24/2006

Comments: I,m Happy to have found this I have rescued a 7 month Bull Terrier from a shelter on the day of Euth…she is a sweetheart but, is now showing some signs of spinning…we want to help her…to try to make her adoptable….maybe maybe not? I am with the SPCA and we will do all we can to save her…Thank You

Name: Julia
Location: Latvia
Date Added: 11/3/2006

Comments: Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a site, bullterrier owners really needed one like this. Desighn is good and a lot of usefull information too. I have a 6 year old bully – Lisa, and we’ve passed through tail chasing…

Name: johan van zwienen
Location: spain
Date Added: 2/9/2007

Comments: I was verry moved by the stories i read on this site.It’s a great initiatif to gather all this info. Keep up the good work.This is a great help in times of trouble.


Name: Jacqui Matheson
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Date Added: 8/14/2007

Comments: Thank you for this website, it has given us so much information. Breaks my heart reading all the sad stories and I hope dearly that ours does not turn out to be one of them. Possum is our 14 month old female purebred BT, she has been tail spinning since about the age of 4 months. It is getting worse, she is starting to mutilate her tail & backside and she cannot focus on anything and is difficult to train. As a baby she had wonky legs, which came right…. but now her feet are starting to look odd. She spins both ways but falls over on the left. She is triggered by loud noises, machinery, anything with wheels and even if you make a circular motion with your arms. She is fine inside with us at home, quite docile and cuddly. My husband has had BTs before with never this problem, only the trancing which is quite comical. He is with her all day as a builder and at his wits end, we cannot leave her alone for fear she will wander off and the other dogs are not allowed to play with her any more as she is so rough on them! She never barks though. We are now considering medication but don’t want a zombie dog, however at the moment although we love her to bits she offers no companionship or “master’s love” back. What is the progress of the study so far? We are planning to move to NZ in 2008 and have a make-or break decision whether to take her with us. Very few of the posts offer hope that this condition can be controlled or managed. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you ..

Name: Daniel Johnson
Location: FL
Date Added: 3/10/2008

Comments: Just got a BT female from a firefighter in Port St Lucie FL. She is 14 weeks and is tricolored. Very sweet and full of life. She has already started some spinning when in a room but not outdoors. We are watching her closely and she has not started in the crate. After reading the stories I am very concerned about our new family member. The man said he got her from a breeder in Ocala but was unable to keep her because he and his wife were gone so much. I am afrid she had exhibited the spinning to him and he had read about it and decided to sell her.

Name: Benjamin Bellucci
Location: Guam
Date Added: 7/6/2009

Comments: Hello,
Our dog ‘Poe” is about 8 months now and suddenly started spinning, it has gotten so bad that he does it going down the stairs. We have taken him to the Vets and we are starting small first, we have placed a cone on his head, in which he stops the spinning, once the cone is removed he starts the spinning again. The Vet is suggesting cropping his tail, but I really don’t want to take away from the breed. We are looking into the Prozac as well, and wondered if this had a large affect on the behavior of the dog. We love our dog and want to make sure we can do everything in our power for him to get over this. Thank you

Name: Katherine
Location: Ireland
Date Added: 3/31/2010

Comments: Thanks for the site but I’m wondering if it’s still active? The last entry I can see is from 3 years ago…today is March 31st, 2010. We have a rescued Bullie girl approximately 5 years old who has owned us for 3 1/2 years. She is completely deaf, which we knew before taking her. This is the first I’ve really heard of AOS and it puts her behaviour into perspective….she very occasionally comes after us when awoken….then looks like she “knows not what she’s done” as others have described. Unfortunately, she also very occasionally lashes out when around food (like raw meat) or when she finds herself in a very confined area, and seems to feel trapped. If this sounds familiar to anyone else I would love to hear your experiences. Otherwise, she is a good girl, very affectionate and gentle and wouldn’t even know how to fight with another dog. Best to all.

Name: harry
Location: n.ireland
Date Added: 5/29/2010

Comments: good to see a site like this ,my bully POLO is now 12years old he has always tranced,last few months hes became obsessed,trancing even when hes not brushing up against something,guess hes startin to lose the plot cause his age,bit like his owner!!