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Participants still needed for the Tufts tail chasing study!

The information below is from Nicole Cottam at Tufts. Please respond directly to her at the email address or phone number listed. If you have a BT – affected or unaffected – please consider submitting a sample. With the testing no longer requiring a blood sample, participation is much simpler.

More bull terriers are needed to complete Tufts genetics tail chasing study. We are enrolling both tail chasers and non-tail chasers. Participation no longer requires a veterinary visit for a blood sample. We are now using saliva samples to access DNA. A saliva sampling kit will be mailed to owners of qualified bullies. Interested owners should contact Nicole Cottam for more information – or 508-887-4802.

6 comments to Participants still needed for the Tufts tail chasing study!

  • Brigitte ford

    My 8 month old pure bred, male bull terrier puppy got desexed 6.5 weeks ago on a Monday (that afternoon he was spinning on and off but still himself). He started spinning Tuesday morning when he woke up and wouldn’t stop (to the point he was hitting his head into walls making it bleed, wouldn’t stop spinning to wee and had urinary retention and incontinent with his bowels). He spun for 14ish hours and if we spoke to him, touched him or tried to restrain him it made it worse and he would be crying and yelping in frustration. Wednesday was the same uncontrollable spinning, We took him back to the vet on Wednesday who started him on prosac, phenobarbital. Thursday was awful again so we took him to the vet (again) and the only thing to sedate him enough to stop spinning was domitor. When we got home it was awful and we decided to take him to emerg vet who sedated him IV overnight. Friday he was just as bad when I picked him up so my get kept him sedated fri, at, Sunday and Monday using (prosac, phenobarbital and domitor). Monday we took him from the vet to a neurologist who have us some extra meds to help us cope (by this point he was on regular prosac, gabaprntine, phenobarbital, and acepromzine … and domitor as needed). Over the next couple days we weaned him off domitor. Over the next couple weeks we weaned him off phenobarbital (as this antagonists prosac). He is currently on acepromazine TDS, gabapentin TDS and prosac BD. Throughout the last 6 weeks every effort has been made to walk him for approx an hour every day and distraction techniques with bones, toys and chews/ bones. He has improved but still not the puppy he once was. Hopefully he gets better In the next couple weeks and we can hopefully reduce some of his meds. We tried to give him Valium last night but that made home worse.

  • Brigitte ford

    Can someone please contact me to send a sample :)

  • Patrick Roberts

    8 month old bull terrier. he has done the tail spinning thing but nothing that I couldn’t stop. please contact for sample.

  • Robert Pineiro

    I have a 3 year Bull Terrier that has been chasing her tail non stop. I can’t even distract her from chasing her tail. She is rescue and this just started happening 3 days ago. I don’t know if she could be a part the study or if anyone could direct me in the right direction to prevent her form doing this. My concern is that it is spiraling out of control. Anything I try does not work.

    Please Help!!

  • Shawna White

    My 6-7 month old female Bull Terrier went into heat two days ago and ever since she has been spinning a lot! She rarely spun before, nothing like now. I stop her but as soon as I don’t engage her attention she spins again. I was really worried and started doing research finding this page. I’d appreciate any advice or to help in any way I can. I’m really worried about my girl!

  • David G

    Our 5yr old terrier does it, and is getting worse. He how seems to do it with little to no coaxing from his environment.

    We are looking to start changing our behaviour with him (more exersice, changes to his environment etc) and see if he helps.

    Are there any more results and detauls

  • Jacqueline Jewula

    our rescue Staffordshire bull terrier chases her tail. she was brought to rescue after the owner (the kept her mostly caged) took her to the vets with gangrene in her tail and very ill after having it docked wrong. rescue corrected the docking and she was fostered.

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