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Participants still needed for the Tufts tail chasing study!

The information below is from Nicole Cottam at Tufts. Please respond directly to her at the email address or phone number listed. If you have a BT – affected or unaffected – please consider submitting a sample. With the testing no longer requiring a blood sample, participation is much simpler.

More bull terriers are needed to complete Tufts genetics tail chasing study. We are enrolling both tail chasers and non-tail chasers. Participation no longer requires a veterinary visit for a blood sample. We are now using saliva samples to access DNA. A saliva sampling kit will be mailed to owners of qualified bullies. Interested owners should contact Nicole Cottam for more information – or 508-887-4802.

The original guestbook

I didn’t want to lose the old guestbook from the original site but had a devil of a time figuring out what to do with it, the data was in a database in CSV format. I finally realized I could just do a mail merge in Word so it is finally restored here on the new site.

A few more updates…

I fixed the links on the SOA page recently, but had to delete a few of them as the sites they referred to no longer seem to exist anywhere on the known Internet. If anyone has any links they feel would be a useful addition to the site, please send them.

Alice Moon Fanelli now has her own consulting practice, and I have added her contact information to the Getting Help page.

I added a second banner. The script that rotates the banners doesn’t seem to play nice with some browsers, so I set it to manually change. Hit the refresh button on your browser to see the banners change.

I also added a donation button provided by this site’s hosting company for anyone wishing to contribute towards hosting costs for The donations can be made via PayPal and go straight to the hosting company, Dreamhost to be applied towards the site’s fees.

Last but certainly not least, for anyone who isn’t on the Yahoo group and didn’t get the announcement, there are some preliminary results on the Tufts study – at least the behavioral part of it – that were published in the April issue of the JAVMA. The genetic part of the research is ongoing.

Added a few links to the Tailchasing/Spinning page…

These links are for abstracts of articles, details for how to get the articles themselves are on the pages. Many thanks to Mardi for these links.

Serum lipid concentrations in dogs with tail chasing – Link to abstract of article that appeared in Journal of Small Animal Practice  Volume 50, Issue 3, pages 133–135, March 2009, discussing a study which indicates that tail chasing may be associated with serum cholesterol elevations in dogs.

Use of memantine in treatment of canine compulsive disorders – link to abstract of article published in Volume 4, Issue 3, Pages 118-126 (May 2009) of Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications and Research

Please excuse the construction…

The site is currently being updated. This is the first real update in several years – bear with me while I get them all updated. If you notice anything specific that isn’t working you can use the contact form under “About this site” to notify me. :-)

Any links on this site that appear with lines through them have been found by Broken Link Checker to no longer be valid, and I haven’t found a replacement location. If anyone has found a valid site for any of those links, please let me know!