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The primary focus of this site is to help owners of dogs with a neurologically based behavioral disorder such as Compulsive Tail Chasing learn more about these issues and find out where they need to go to get help. We also provide a support group hosted by Yahoo! Groups where people can share their experiences with other owners of affected dogs.

Another goal of this site is to provide details on the Bull Terrier Compulsive Tail Chasing study at Tufts. Tufts still needs Bull Terriers to take part in the Compulsive Tail Chasing study, and now can take submissions as saliva samples so bloodwork is no longer needed! We implore all owners and breeders to take the time to help us find the cause of this disorder – dogs’ lives depend on it.

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Not Just for Bull Terriers…
While much of the information on this site is geared towards Bull Terriers and the neurological disorders most common to this breed, problems such as Sudden Onset Aggression and Canine Compulsive Disorders also affect many other breeds. Our Yahoo! Group--which, to the best of our knowledge, is the only resource of its’ kind for any breed at this time– is open everyone and we have quite a few members who have breeds other than Bull Terriers